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Nominations Made Here


Nominations for

2017 Citizens Awards

are being accepted!


The Process


If you know a formerly incarcerated person worthy of the 2017 Citizens’ Awards send your nomination in today. The Citizens’ Awards acknowledge the accomplishments and contributions outstanding individuals have made since their release from prison. Our past honorees included recipients of doctoral degrees, leaders in educations, advocates, religious leaders, policymakers, and directors of social programs.

Nominees should be a formerly incarcerated person who has been out of prison for at least three years (exceptional cases will be considered) and whose work is in service of the truly disadvantaged, the marginalized, disenfranchised, and or those who need the help of others to navigate from day to day.

A nominee must be someone who currently is or has helped, make an impact or difference in the lives of people who are in need of help because of their inability to address a problem or situation alone, or improved some social, political, economic, and/or environmental condition.

Words and phrases that would describe a successful nominee include leader, catalyst for positive change, pioneer, founder, collaborator, innovator, strategist, or initiator.


should be completed and received by

Monday, September 11, 2017, 5:00 p.m.

Applications may be submitted by email to, include Citizens’ Awards in the subject line of your email or they may be mailed to:

Citizens Against Recidivism, Inc.

137-58 Thurston Street – Lower Level Suite

Springfield Gardens, New York 11413

Attention Nomination Committee


Please note that the award committee offers an equal opportunity to all nominees and does not discriminate because of gender, race, ethnicity, age, or other characteristics.

Award Categories

Freedom fighter

Awarded to the person who fights for the rights and freedoms of the incarcerated and or the formerly incarcerated and in doing so willingly dedicated and donated their personal resources, time and talents to that effort.

 Advocacy award

Awarded to that person who has demonstrated an understanding of the important role of advocacy and community mobilization for change, advocated for change, and who, through their dedication, leadership and efforts affected policy, regulation or legislation related to the concerns of the incarcerated or the formerly incarcerated.

 Bridge builder

Awarded to that person who has taken the initiative to build bridges of understanding, cooperation and collaboration to aide people in prison, the formerly incarcerated and or those affected by encounters with the criminal justice system, evidenced by the bring together groups or individuals not likely to work on common ground.

 Social action

Awarded to that person who best exemplifies the spirit of social activism and social change through programmatic and community building efforts and or who shows an Active commitment to social justice

 Leadership in education

Awarded to that person whose innovative instruction, efforts and or work facilitates the academic growth, establishment of policies or program that benefit people in prison, those who have been released from prison or those impacted by the criminal justice system

 Research and scholarship

Awarded to that person whose research and or scholastic achievements related to efforts to increase the quality of life of people in prison, those release from prison or those affected by the criminal justice system

 Spiritual leadership

Awarded to the person whose efforts enhances the spirituality, character, ethics, psychological/mental state, sense of value, attitudes, and behaviors needed for positive human health and well-being for people in prison, those released from prison or those impacted by the criminal justice system.

The Nomination

 To make a nomination, please insure that your submission is consistent with the following instructions.  Double-space submissions and please do not exceed three pages in total.  Be sure to include the name and contact information of your nominee.  Submissions should follow the template below.  It is to your advantage to follow the template as a means of increasing understanding of the nominee’s application.


Dear Nomination Committee:

Part I (at least one half-page): Describe the type of relationship and length of your personal knowledge of this individual’s work and dedication.

Part II: What is the organization that the individual has worked through or the organizations the person has worked with in the past, and in what capacity?

Part III: How has the individual’s work helped, made an impact or difference in the lives of other formerly incarcerated people or people who are in need of help because of their inability to address a problem or situation alone, or helped to improved social, political, economic, and/or environmental conditions affecting the truly disadvantaged?

Part IV:  Please explain which award best suits the nominee and why?

Respectfully submitted

Your name and affiliation