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Building With Art


Building with Art is an intervention program that aims to build character and self-esteem among youth at risk of delinquency and criminal justice involvement.  The program includes instruction in an afterschool and evening recreational setting by master teaching artists and graphic art teachers who share with students methods passed down from the great master artists.  Art study has a positive influence on social behavior that makes more likely high school graduation including discipline, self-control, and creative thinking.

Building with Art emphasizes the inherent value of the lives of our youth in keeping with recent activism emphasizing that the lives of people of color in often economically disadvantaged communities matter.  Our program aims to build character and self-esteem while encouraging participants to take pride in themselves, their accomplishments, and value their lives.   This program is sponsored in part by a grant from the Pollination Project and Citizens Committee for New York City.

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You can assist these efforts by sending your donations to:

Building with Art c/o  Citizens Against Recidivism, Inc.

137-58 Thurston Street, Springfield Gardens, New York, 11413

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Building with Art is supported in part by grants received from Citizens Committee for New York City  and the Pollination Project

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